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Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, virtually takes care of itself!

Integrating directly with your existing infrastructure, you can deploy in minutes to the largest of trusts/districts and manage teacher and student devices centrally, saving you a bunch of time – music to your ears!

With the new hardware and software inventories, see at a glance how your technology is being used and how to maximize it.

Technician features

Hardware Inventory

Gather a wealth of information from each device (macOS and Android coming soon) registered to your assigned site – from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video, and storage data, plus much more!

With over 50 pieces of information automatically collected, you can customize the columns to allow you to view more or less data, or filter for a single device, department, or bespoke group. Drill down into more detail by filtering and grouping the data, for example, group by OS type to see the level of mixed platforms your school uses – handy for when you’re creating a school digital strategy. Plus, to make it even easier to view data, you can now ‘pin’ columns in the hardware inventory, so they remain static when scrolling across – keeping all the key information in an easy to view format.

Adding extra device information is also super simple, as you can bulk edit multiple device data such as Manufacturer, Model and Location, plus for single devices, you can also add unique information such as Asset ID and Serial Numbers.

Meanwhile, in the ‘Devices List,’ within Hardware Inventory, you can now click on connected devices to open a ‘Watch’ window or to remote control* them.

Armed with this level of detail, you can identify which PCs are upgradeable, which ones need to be replaced, and which ones could be more effectively deployed elsewhere to avoid unnecessary purchases – ensuring your school is maximizing its technology and that staff and students can work efficiently.

Connected devices view

*Hardware Inventory: From here you can open a ‘Watch’ window (iOS and Chrome OS) or remote control them (Windows only).

*Devices List: From here you can open a ‘Watch’ window (iOS and Chrome OS) or remote control them (Windows, macOS, and Samsung Android devices).

Technician features

Software Inventory

View a complete list of all the installed applications on each device (macOS and Android coming soon) to ensure staff and students have the ones they need. Plus, hide items that you’re not interested in and also create and group applications by categories to make them easier to manage. The software inventory is also handy for checking that no non-school-related software has been installed onto a device that may cause a security threat to the network and/or the device itself.

Technician features gives you more!


Multi-platform support for use with a mix of devices ensures your school is future-proofed and can simply roll with the ever-changing tech landscape.

Break free:

Being cloud-based, removes the boundaries and constraints of working in a LAN environment, so you don’t have to constantly battle with firewalls and can connect devices across multiple sites without the need for a server – providing huge cost savings.

Central configuration:

You can scale and manage your trust/district’s environment by creating additional sites within your school structure, enroll devices, create classes, and invite other users to register for their own accounts. For ease of use, you can bulk import users and even sync with the users’ SIS login details if applicable i.e., Microsoft, Google, ClassLink, Clever. You can also resend the user invite email in bulk and delete users in bulk, as well as use the ‘Change status’ button to disable the account, with the option to reactivate it if needed – making the set-up process and maintenance of even easier.  

Flexible integration:

When it comes to technology management, directly integrates with your existing school infrastructure, including Google Classroom and Google Accounts, ClassLink, Clever (U.S. only), Microsoft School Data Sync and Microsoft 365. So, if your classes are centrally managed, the portal can be populated with any existing data. You can also manually add or import pre-existing classes and associate each one with the appropriate group of devices.

Super secure:

Ensuring school devices can only be connected to during approved periods (times and term days) and on defined school networks is key to ensuring the safety and privacy of students. (If you have multiple school sites, these can be set at an individual site level.) is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure.

Low-cost: is super affordable, helping your budget go even further! Click here to view pricing.

What schools are saying…

Customer testimonials

“Frankly, your software/interface is so incredibly well thought out and simple, the setup and deployment were not hard at all!”

Peter Wilson

Network Manager, Pool Academy

“Because it’s cloud-based and links in with either Microsoft Office365 or Google Classroom, it’s an easy-to-deploy and manage solution – saving money on managing and configuring.”

Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

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