Getting started! is super easy for the IT team to set up – and with integrations with SIS/SMS applications (Google Classroom, ClassLink, Microsoft School Data Sync, and Clever), it’s even quicker to pull through student and staff data.

Step 1

The IT Manager fills in the registration form to create an account under the school’s name and is also assigned the Organisation Administrator role.

Step 2

Create the school sites and device groups ready to then enroll the devices into a device group, using the relevant installer for each type of platform.

Step 3

Add users, including those who can only have access to specific sites. Admin users include site administrators, technicians, teachers, and online safety staff.

Step 4

Create your classes by linking to SIS/SMS applications, or add classes manually, using one of four connection modes to facilitate the connection between teacher and student devices.

Getting Started Resources

Setting up

Using the classroom instruction features

Using the online safety features

Quick Start

Viewing a Chrome OS Desktop

Setting up user provisioning – Part 1

Setting up user provisioning – Part 2

with CPOMS

Key Resources 


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