NetSupport’s newest product,, was designed and developed with valuable input from school IT technicians. Here’s everything school IT teams need to know about this easy breezy, low-cost, cloud-based management and teaching platform.

The set-up stage has never been easier than with Simple to both configure and manage, it integrates directly with your existing infrastructure (e.g. Google Classroom) for maximum flexibility. You can deploy it in minutes and manage teacher and student devices centrally, which saves heaps of time.

Being just as straightforward to maintain, class lists will auto-update from SIS integration, leaving only the task to administer and add any new devices. This means that administrators can have the class set up in no time.

Moreover, as offers multi-platform support for the use of a range of mixed devices, it ensures technicians can roll with the ever-changing tech landscape and your school is future-proofed. is fully scalable, being able to cater for the smallest school to the largest district. In addition, as it acts as an all-in-one solution, it removes the need for schools to switch between platforms, by supporting both in-school and remote learning.

All these benefits in combination with its low cost, mean really is a win, win, win!