NetSupport is delighted that The Edvocate has reviewed, our new cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform for schools and districts.

Discussing education in recent times, The Edvocate says: “The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional learning environments and left K-12 schools and universities with a massive dilemma. How can we facilitate learning environments that produce positive student outcomes while keeping all of our stakeholders safe and healthy? This fall, K-12 schools and universities across the globe are planning to adopt either a face to face, remote, or blended instructional model (Tate, 2020). In response to this unparalleled change in instructional delivery models, new technologies will need to be created and adopted.”

Introducing, The Edvocate says: “Enter,, an easy to use, low-cost classroom management and remote learning platform. It was developed by NetSupport to provide teachers with a set of stress-free, simple yet effective cloud-based teaching tools, to help them deliver and manage engaging and meaningful learning experiences, remotely.”

He then goes on to say: “ is scalable to work with the smallest school to the largest district. It offers multiplatform support for use with a mix of devices which ensures your school is future-proofed and can roll with the ever-changing tech landscape. In addition, its intuitive interface ensures that it doesn’t take a ton of time for students and teachers to learn how to use the app. This leads to a peerless user experience and a high level of satisfaction. Trust me, if your district chooses to deliver and manage its remote learning model, you will experience positive student outcomes on an unprecedented level.”

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