Nobody knows exactly what the jobs of the future will be, but it’s a safe bet that they’ll involve technology of some kind. That’s why learning with edtech is so important. Knowing its possibilities and what it can do, using it to be creative and to solve problems, are all valuable skills that can be learned and applied now – and will be just as valid in years to come.

Why classroom tech use rocks

Technology is part of everyone’s lives, so it makes perfect sense to incorporate it into lessons. In a survey of educators at Bett 2020, 87 per cent of teachers agreed that using technology within learning had a positive impact on educational outcomes – so it is definitely worth investing the time to do so.

These days, learning how to use different solutions isn’t just restricted to IT lessons; technology has become more embedded across the curriculum, helping students to learn which solutions work best for what they are working on and helping them to create content, rather than just consume it.

Simplicity is key

All this sounds really good, but the fact is that many teachers are simply not confident enough to use technology with their students – and 60 per cent of teachers in Academy schools said that they don’t think there is enough training available to them on how to use classroom solutions. It isn’t that they aren’t capable, rather that their timetable doesn’t allow for them to learn and experiment as they need to.

Skilling up is a great tool to build edtech confidence with. It’s been designed in collaboration with teachers, so it doesn’t complicate things. It only contains the essential tools you need for classroom engagement, monitoring, collaboration and communication, and could be a really good way for you to begin build their skills, if your tech confidence is low.

Once installed and configured by a school’s IT team, is ready to go! It’s designed to be clear and intuitive (to help you get on board more easily) and many of the features are available in just a couple of clicks.

So whether you simply want to get your students’ attention, or just monitor what they’re doing,’s super-easy and accessible tools could really help.


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