Discover impactful solutions to elevate your student safety plans!

In today’s schools, student safety extends far beyond the physical. A multi-layered approach is paramount to effectively addressing online safety, emergency preparedness and school-wide communication.

Online safety solutions: (we also have an on-premise option available)

  • Threat detection: Identify potential risks through keyword monitoring and contextual analysis.
  • Identify those in need: Flag struggling students, allowing for early intervention and support.
  • Screen monitoring: Get a clear view of student activity, websites accessed, and applications used.
  • Content filtering: Block inappropriate content and ensure students stay focused and on task.

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Mass notification and lockdown tools with NetSupport Notify:

  • Mass notification system: Send critical alerts and lockdown notifications quickly and easily.
  • Reduced panic: Ensure clear and consistent communication in every scenario.
  • Save precious time: Delivers messages that can’t be skipped or ignored to all or selected staff and/or students.

By combining these solutions, schools gain a comprehensive safety net. Elevate student safety in your school – try our solutions for free.