Don’t miss our new episode of Insights with NetSupport featuring Shareen Wilkinson. This very special episode was recorded straight from Bett 2023, where our team had a blast! 

All about Shareen Wilkinson

Shareen is a leading primary education adviser who focuses on teaching and learning, English, assessment, and leadership. She has worked with schools and local authorities all over the country and has a track record of raising standards in primary schools. Shareen has written more than 20 books for elementary school teachers and parents, and she has edited or given advice on several others.

Inside this Insights with NetSupport episode…

Hosted by Kat Cauchi, in this episode she chats with Shareen to discuss the fresh approach to technology in education called ‘PedTech’. Tune in to hear all about how PedTech puts pedagogy first, using technology to support teaching and learning. 

Shareen shares how technology can be used for feedback, recording audio responses, and adapting lessons to meet the needs of students. Find out how PedTech helps schools work collaboratively and involve all teachers and leaders in the process.

Let’s connect…

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