Taking place every September, many countries across the globe recognize this month as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. This is a special time dedicated to raising awareness of a stigmatized topic to help prevent further instances of harm by sharing resources and inspirational stories.

At NetSupport, we understand the value of mental health and keeping students safe. To help identify and support at-risk students during school hours, schools are using software with eSafety tools like our solution, classroom.cloud (a cloud-based Classroom Management and Teaching Platform with eSafety tools).

To help protect students online, classroom.cloud contains multi-language keyword monitoring features to flag students that are copying, searching for or typing any concerning keyword – thus allowing school staff to approach the student or hold larger discussions about a topic. In addition, our eSafety toolkit makes keeping track of triggered events easier ensuring students get help when they need it to create a safer learning environment. Also, equipped with a contextual intelligence-based Risk Index to indicate the severity of an eSafety event based on the context and history of a student’s activities, teachers can provide direct assistance to students in need, where appropriate.

Need eSafety tools to support a blended learning approach?

We’ve got you covered with classroom.cloud’s essential, easy-to-use tools and powerful eSafety toolkit to support learning and ensure students are safe wherever learning takes place.