’s new Student iOS app now includes online safety tools, helping schools to not only teach remote and in-school students, but to identify and monitor vulnerable students at all times, and in any location.

Key features include:

  • Keyword and phrase monitoring
  • Add and share your own keywords
  • Language packs for safeguarding EAL students
  • Word cloud of trending topics
  • Contextual Intelligence to help determine severity levels
  • Plus much more!

The app works by alerting nominated staff members when students type or search for any terms that match with those in the keyword database – providing online safety indicators for self-harm, bullying, sexual and criminal exploitation and much more.

Staff can also manage the pre-populated lists of online safety terms in the web portal and add any additional keywords they feel are appropriate.

Students who do feel vulnerable can access a list of relevant online resources via the app, should they want to seek external help with a particular problem or concern.