Online safety is an essential issue that affects children, young people, parents and teachers alike. As technology use increases, the risks associated with it do too, so it’s crucial that we take steps to educate both ourselves and our children to protect them and ensure they have a safe and enjoyable online experience.   

NetSupport’s Online Safety Guide 

To support Safer Internet Day on 7th February 2023, NetSupport is releasing its annual ‘Online Safety Guide’ for schools, with updated sections and relevant links to statutory documents. It shares key information to help educate children, parents and teachers about the key aspects of staying safe online.  

It was created to help schools provide an environment where children feel comfortable talking about their online experiences – plus, raise awareness among children and young people about the risks of the internet.

What subjects are covered? 

One of the key points is the importance of educating everyone – children, parents and teachers – about the issues that may occur online. 

Covering a broad range of topics – including grooming, sexting, cyberbullying, fake news, gaming and radicalization – the guide provides practical advice and ideas on how schools can tackle these problems and keep their students safe in the online world.  

It also includes information on how to recognize the signs of issues such as online grooming (and how to report it) and discusses the risks associated with sexting (and how to deal with the consequences if it does happen).   

Tips for parents and teachers 

Parents and teachers playing an active role in educating about digital citizenship and staying safe online is critical.  

Alongside information and advice on ways to monitor children’s online activity (and how to talk to them about online safety), NetSupport’s Online Safety Guide provides links to resources that can help children learn how to keep themselves safe from the risks associated with the internet.  

And, to illustrate what’s happening in the online world, there are helpful statistics from the latest research from leading organizations – plus, a handy ‘Useful resources’ section containing a glossary of terms and more. 

NetSupport’s Online Safety Guide is a valuable resource for schools, teachers and parents – check it out today!