New Online Safety Panel out now!

NetSupport recently brought together a panel of experts to record a video discussion on online safety, mental health and safeguarding in preparation for Safer Internet Day 2023.

The theme of this year’s event is “Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online” and is celebrated on February 7, 2023.

Who are the panel experts?Online Safety Panel 2023

The panel consists of leading figures in the field of online safety:

  • Ken Corish – Deputy CEO of South West Grid for Learning
  • Traci Good – founder member of and Chief i-venger
  • Al Kingsley – CEO of NetSupport, author, Regional Schools Directorate board member for the East of England, and Chair of a large MAT
  • Emma Hardy – Communications Director at the Internet Watch Foundation
  • Tom Thelen – US children’s mental health expert
  • Jérôme Nogues – Head of French and Digital Learning at Packwood Haugh Preparatory School.

The discussion was chaired by Mark Anderson, the Head of Education at NetSupport.

Online safety in the spotlight

During the discussion, the panel shared valuable insights into keeping young people safe online and many approaches to doing so. They talked about the importance of open and honest communication between parents/carers, teachers and young people, and how this can help create a safe and supportive online environment.

Ken Corish highlighted the importance of communication involving key stakeholders, not just the young people in keeping themselves safe whilst online. He also shared about the 360 e-safe tool in helping schools to assess their online safety measures to help identify areas for improvement – and there was unilateral support for ProjectEVOLVE, which provides resources to support online safety across the curriculum.

Traci Good, the Chief i-venger for the nationally recognized i-vengers online safety program, stressed the importance of educating young people about the potential dangers of the online world and equipping them with the skills to stay safe. Traci also shared recent research highlighting the difference between what parents/carers think they know about their children’s online activities – and the reality. She advocated for schools to undertake their own surveys of student activity and parent/carer perceptions as a useful way to help demonstrate what is happening.

Al Kingsley shared his experiences as the Chair of a large MAT and underscored the role of schools in promoting online safety. He shared many common-sense approaches that have had impacts in his MAT, such as providing resources and support for students, teachers and families to ensure that everyone is equipped to navigate the online world safely. He also shared great insights into how technology companies like NetSupport provide fantastic solutions to help keep children safe whilst navigating the online world.

Emma Hardy, the Communications Director at the Internet Watch Foundation, spoke about the latest research into online safety and the need for schools and parents/carers to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Tom Thelen, a US children’s mental health expert and author, shared about the importance of addressing the mental health impacts of the online world. He discussed the need for schools to provide support and resources to help young people cope with the challenges of the online world, including cyberbullying and online harassment. He also shared insights into how parents/carers can be involved in the process and some approaches to consider for the home setting.

Jérôme Nogues, the Head of French and Digital Learning at Packwood Haugh Preparatory School, spoke about the role of schools in promoting digital literacy and teaching young people how to use technology responsibly and safely. He also shared some great tools to support this endeavor, such as, a tool his school has had great success with.

Learn from the experts!

This video panel discussion is a valuable resource for anyone interested in safeguarding young people in the online world.

Our thanks to everyone involved for giving up their time to share their expertise in this useful and important discussion.

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