Explore how NetSupport helps meet the latest EdTech requirements

Keeping up with the evolving trends, best practices, and latest requirements can be a real challenge. Explore some top tips to ensure your EdTech aligns with best practices and requirements to ensure your staff and students have the best tools to succeed!

Here are some key features to look for to make sure your solution complies…

  • Powerful filtering and monitoring to support effective online safety
  • Keyword and phrase monitoring to prevent bullying instances
  • Teaching platforms to provide flexible instruction and identify learning gaps
  • Accessibility allowing teachers to meet individual needs to support all students
  • Collaborative tools to empower active learning and support good digital citizens

Find out more about the requirements that our software solutions support by reviewing our requirements page below.

Explore the choice for educators seeking impact

classroom.cloud isn’t just another teaching tool; it’s a solution with clear, evidenced-based benefits for student success, teacher effectiveness and streamlined technology use within schools. This is why so many schools switch to us.

  • More than just monitoring: While monitoring is important, it goes further. Actively guide lessons, launch applications instantly, share your screen to model concepts, and lock devices to eliminate distractions.
  • Intuitive cloud-based design: Spend less time troubleshooting and more time teaching. Its cloud-based platform means minimal setup, easy updates, and a user-friendly interface that teachers love.
  • Beyond filtering: True online safeguarding requires proactive tools. It lets you identify at-risk behavior, promote positive digital citizenship, and create a safer online learning environment.
  • Unmatched support: Get help when you need it. It offers excellent support resources, responsive assistance, and a commitment to empowering teachers.
  • Value for money: It offers competitive pricing and exceptional value.