Back in the days before edtech came to our schools, teachers would walk around the classroom to look over students’ shoulders as they worked and be nearby if they wanted to ask any questions…

Now that we have edtech devices for students to use, that concept has had a reboot! These days, the teacher can do a virtual walkabout via the power of technology (and with social distancing currently in place, it has the added bonus of helping to keep everyone safe).

Buddying up…

Many schools find Chromebooks a great solution for students to learn with and work on. And used with, teachers can get an overview of how students are doing via thumbnail views on their screen. It’s soon obvious if any of them have gone off task, and the teacher has the opportunity to redirect them, without too much learning time being wasted.

Another advantage of this kind of monitoring is that teachers can immediately see if anyone is struggling with a learning activity – giving them the chance to talk to them (or send a message) and reinforce the concept or repeat the instruction, if needed. This is particularly beneficial for quieter students, who may not be inclined to ask for help out loud.

The fact that teachers can also view any other activity taking place on the students’ devices (in addition to that in the open browser window) means that they have an extra insight into what they are doing and can guide them back to the current task, if need be.

Staying safe

A side-shoot of monitoring students’ screens is keeping them safe as they use their Chromebooks to go online. Learning in a secure online environment is key, and lets teachers define ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ lists of websites (and/or applications) that students can or can’t access during the course of the lesson, which means that the focus is on learning, online safety is reinforced, and the risk of exposure to inappropriate content is reduced

Cost-effective and efficient

Chromebooks and work great together! If your school has been struggling to find a simple, easy-to-use, yet highly effective solution to enable learning to continue either in school or at home on school Chromebooks, then why not have a look at and see how it could work for you?

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