Are you ready for Global Day of Unplugging?

We all know how beneficial technology is and how transformative it can be, but with 24/7 constant connection and accessibility, when is enough really enough? Since technology encompasses many areas of everyday life, it’s crucial to carve out time to take a much-needed break and unplug from our devices to better support our mental health and wellbeing.  

That’s why today is such an important day as it’s Global Day of Unplugging! Established in 2009, this special day kicks off the first weekend of March to promote a 24-hour break from technology to help boost mental health and encourage human interaction. Are you up for the challenge? 

To participate, simply unplug from your devices for the next 24 hours. Take that time to relax and reflect upon what makes you happy. At NetSupport, we understand the value of technology and ensure our solutions are equipped with tools to better support mental health and wellbeing.  

Take some time to step back and focus on your wellbeing by relaxing and unplugging with us this weekend!