NetSupport’s newest product,, has been designed and developed with teachers, technicians and school leaders alike. Here’s everything schools and districts need to know about this easy breezy, low-cost, cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform…

Firstly, is fully scalable, being able to cater for the smallest school to the largest district. Additionally, the virtual classroom management solution acts as an all-in-one, supporting any learning scenario, regardless of whether your students are learning in school or connecting remotely from home.

Student wellbeing and protection from inappropriate content has never been easier than with, with the ability to use both website ‘approved’ and ‘restricted’ lists and application metering, as well as group and individual chat functions. Moreover, offering multi-platform support for a mixed range of devices means that schools can roll with the ever-changing tech landscape and be reassured they are future-proofed.

Designed to be simple to set up and use (plus, easily integrated with schools’ Google Classroom or Microsoft SDS platforms), once the technician has completed the easy installation process, teachers can begin their lessons in a matter of minutes.