We’ve just made classroom.cloud even more flexible for schools to use by adding a student app for iPads to the mix! This is a great addition to the list of Windows, Chromebooks, Android and macOS platforms it already supports.

Perfect for schools or districts that have iPads throughout or even just in dedicated classes, teachers can now use classroom.cloud to teach students using these devices.

There is a wealth of tools educators can use with their iPad classes, including:

  • Using a choice of flexible connection methods.
  • Easy monitoring of students’ internet use via crystal-clear thumbnails.
  • Share their open browser window and audio to connected students’ devices.
  • Locking students’ screens in a single click to gain attention.
  • Presenting students with the lesson objectives and their expected learning outcomes.
  • Using Chat, send a message, and supporting students via help requests.
  • Sending out a quick survey to gauge understanding or wellbeing.
  • Seeing details of the websites that students are currently viewing to check they are on task.
  • Restricting internet use by employing ‘approved’ and ‘restricted’ website lists during the lesson.
  • Launching a website on the students’ devices simultaneously to save time.
  • Recognizing good work or behavior by assigning Rewards to students during the lesson.
  • Enabling random selection of students to answer during Q&A sessions.

In line with classroom.cloud’s simple-to-use ethos, school IT teams can deploy the iOS Student app out to students’ iPads (iOS 11 and above required) quickly and easily, so classes can be ready to roll in no time – whether they are all together in school or learning remotely.

Download the app on the Apple App Store hereTo learn more about classroom.cloud’s new features visit https://classroom.cloud/new-features/.