With the countdown to Christmas under way, Mark Anderson (@ICT Evangelist) is once again taking a new approach to the traditional advent calendar – with his ‘Appvent‘ calendar! Rather than opening doors, this online resource reveals a treat each day in the form of useful applications Mark has reviewed and recommends to schools.

classroom.cloud is proud to have featured on Day 2!

Mark breaks down his piece on this classroom management solution into the basics of what it is, the features it has and any additional information he thinks readers ought to know. Here is a sneak peek of some of his comments…

“With the ability to easily see every learner’s screen and see and manage what they’re doing in real time, what they have access to and more, classroom.cloud (if you haven’t been using it) is the ideal tool for teachers to use to support any of their remote or digital learning activities…in a world where I like to keep things simple, classroom.cloud allows you to not just see which applications they are using, you can see who they’re collaborating with – and, if working remotely or you can’t easily interact with a learner, it has features that enable swift and timely feedback and support through the easy-to-use communication tools.”

Read the full review here!