It’s always great to hear feedback from our customers about how our solutions have helped them. We’ve recently received two new case studies for our latest product,, cloud-based classroom management, teaching, and online safety platform – that discuss just that!

The Santa María Eufrasia Educational Unit 

The Santa María Eufrasia Educational Unit is a private Catholic Educational Institution that offers basic general education and Baccalaureate for boys, girls, and adolescents. Their main challenge was to find a solution to effectively manage all the devices within their computer lab that was both affordable and easy to use.

They had many great things to say about how our solution helped support their needs – see some of their comments below: as a platform is very easy to install and use and does not require an overly complex hardware specification. The solution has helped our teachers to monitor students, keep them focused and to maximize the way in which technology is being used in school.”

“Teachers love as it gives them greater monitoring capabilities, meaning they can ensure a higher standard of behavior throughout a lesson. Having students following the rules of a computer lab equates to better quality learning.”

Read the full case study from The Santa María Eufrasia Educational Unit.

The Mayan School

The Mayan School is one of the first institutions in bilingual education, offering comprehensive and quality training that is fully focused on the students. Due to the abrupt onset of the pandemic, it was forced to quickly find a solution to help support remote learning that would monitor and control students’ devices during home learning activities.

They chose to help solve this problem – see what they had to say below: is an extremely practical solution that has been helping us to remote control and assist students that take classes from home. Now, as we gradually return to school, it has further helped us to follow the rules by ensuring social distancing. Overall, it is a very effective classroom management platform.”

“The implementation of has meant an increase in productivity and performance, in addition to huge time-savings through its ease of use.”

Read the full case study from The Mayan School.

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