Bett 2023 passed like a whirlwind, but the excitement doesn’t have to end! Keep the fun going and continue learning by watching our interviews and highlights from the event.

Catch up on all the Bett 2023 interviews!

Our team had such a great time, we have a video montage to share to show what our team got up to and see who stopped by our stand. Check out the videos below to see for yourself!

Bett Day 1 highlights:

Kicking off the event on day 1, we spoke with a range of superb guests, starting with our very own CEO, Al Kingsley. Plus, we spoke with 2econd Chance, Tanzii TV, iplicit, Headteacher Chat, NovelEffect, DDMIX, Sleuth IT – and many more!

Bett Day 2 highlights: 

The fun continued throughout day 2, here are some of the special guests we spoke to: Rosemaria Caffio, school radio in Italy; Kanak Gupta, Group Director of Seth M.R. Jaipuria Group of Schools; Lady Kirsty Grundy, Martin Bailey and Jade; Richard Purcell, Caption.Ed; Olly Lewis, Head of Digital in a MAT; Kelly Hannaghan, Mind Work Matters; Jenna Khanna, Common Sense Education; Murray Morrison, Tassomai; Michael Olagunju, Director of Exam Solutions – and many more amazing guests!

Bett Day 3 highlights: 

For the final day, we finished the event we another amazing lineup of special guests, including Nick Causton, ST3AMCo; Jeremy Waters, Elastik Learning; Michael Rosen; Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda, Arco Iris Learning; Ian Phillips, Inspir-Edu; Emma Hawker, Governors for Schools; Myles Piling, BATA; Mark Solomons, Wellbee – and many more!

Special thanks to our guest!

We really appreciate all the special guests who stopped by to chat with us on NetSupport Radio – as well as a very special shoutout to our super talented host, Russell Prue! Our team is looking forward to Bett 2024 to do it all over again! Below is a complete list of all the superb guests that were featured throughout the event.

  • Al Kingsley, NetSupport CEO
  • Charlotte Solomon, 2econd Chance
  • Tanzii TV
  • Zac Marks, Kitt Medical
  • Alex Middleton, iplicit
  • Becky and David Waters, Dogsthorpe Infant School
  • Matt Jessop and Y6 students, Crosthwaite Primary School
  • Jonathan and Lucy Coy, Headteacher Chat
  • Kathi Kersznowski, Novel Effect
  • Dave Smith, BESA
  • Amy and Sarah, DDMIX
  • Joe Moretti, Sleuth IT
  • Rosemaria Caffio, school radio in Italy
  • Kanak Gupta, Group Director of Seth M.R. Jaipuria Group of Schools
  • Lady Kirsty Grundy, Martin Bailey and Jade
  • Richard Purcell, Caption.Ed
  • Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist
  • Olly Lewis, Head of Digital in a MAT
  • Kelly Hannaghan, Mind Work Matter
  • Jenna Khanna, Common Sense Education
  • Chris and Will, Phonic FM (Exeter)
  • Sven and Christina, Fiction Express
  • Jonathan Durant, Cypher Learning
  • Mary Myatt, Curriculum development
  • Murray Morrison, Tassomai
  • Michael Olagunju, Director of Exam Solutions
  • Jane Basnett
  • Nick Causton, ST3AMCo
  • Jeremy Waters, Elastik Learning
  • Beverly Clarke
  • Michael Rosen
  • Maria Wojciechowska-Caneda, Arco Iris Learning
  • Ian Phillips, Inspir-Edu
  • Emma Hawker, Governors for Schools
  • Dr Dave Whiley
  • Myles Piling, BATA
  • Students from Lanchester EP Primary School
  • Jonathan Bhowmick, Action Mats
  • Mark Solomons, Wellbee