This April, the team have sprung into action to deliver a whole host of new and enhanced features in, the classroom management, online safety, and device management solution for schools.

Technicians, it’s even easier to view data in the hardware inventory, as you can now ‘pin’ columns, so they remain static when scrolling across – keeping all the key information in an easy to view format. Plus, with the added ability to bulk edit device data, you can quickly save time when needing to add additional standard items of data such as Manufacturer, Model and Location to selected devices, and more.

Plus, for further personalisation of users’ profiles, the User Profile icon will now display a profile picture for those signing in with Google and Microsoft credentials.

We’ve also added even more Connectors, allowing seamless access for staff to access a rich ecosystem of complementary EdTech solutions for their school, such as Persona Life Skills, Pobble, OrbitNote and Pickatale.

And for safeguarding/online safety staff, if you have access to multiple sites, you can now view triggered events across all of them at once (if selected), making it even quicker to find and support those in need.