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classroom.cloud, our classroom instruction, online safety, and IT management solution is built on impact and evidence, ensuring schools, MATs and districts can maximize their edtech and support flexible learning, all in a safe environment.

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George Heriot’s School

The Sovereign Trust

The Grammar School at Leeds

Abersychan School

Bury Grammar School

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary

St Mary’s Catholic High Primary

Blue Skies School

Melba School District

Old Hall School

Peterborough Keys Academies Trust

Burns Sci-Tech Charter School

United School District

Doddridge County Board of Education

“I am enjoying the use of classroom.cloud, it has been useful to make sure students are on task, as all screens are easily visible. Also, for some of the shy students who don’t really want to speak in class and ask for help. They have been putting up messages on the chat.”

“Being able to lock all machines when explaining concepts was brilliant for ensuring students weren’t getting distracted. The message feature I feel will be beneficial for students that might not have the confidence to put their hand up and ask a question in front of the class. Also, being able to shut all computers down at the end of the day has great sustainability benefits!”

ICT teachers

Amity International School Abu Dhabi


“The Institute trialled Senso.cloud but, unfortunately, although it met some of the requirements for teaching and learning, it still did not hit the mark on privacy… We chose classroom.cloud, a European system that puts privacy first. Alongside the privacy benefits, teachers at the Institute are finding classroom.cloud is keeping students much more engaged and enabling them to regulate their behaviour for learning.”

Rik D’hollander and Marjolein Van Lancker

Director and ICT teacher, Ghent St Paul Institute in Belgium

5 stars
classroom.cloud has made virtual teaching much easier. I can see when a student is not on task and help them by accessing their assignments, because I can see their screens in real time! The message tool is so valuable when a student is having connection issues and keeps dropping off the video call. You can message their Chromebook directly to give instructions or help.

Jason Houston

Director of Technology, Life Source International Charter School

classroom.cloud represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently…In classroom.cloud, teachers have a wide range of tools to manage the classroom actions and are able to produce versatile tasks and contents to support remote lessons… Using classroom.cloud lets the teacher focus on teaching as they can be confident of what their students are doing with their devices.

Education Alliance Finland

We look at A LOT of Edtech vendor privacy and data protection information, some are fab, others are…well…not so fab. But as we looked at this one, we both let out a little sigh of contentment. Love it- easy to read, contains all the required information, a clear link to a Data Processing Agreement (which is then incorporated into the Terms of Use) and even a Vendor RFI document included which contains all the technical information for our data protection due diligence. Well done NetSupport for making two school DPO’s very happy indeed!

Claire Archibald

DPO for Schools and Information Governance Consultant at Education Data Hub

Teachers like it because you can take control of the machines and stop the pupils doing anything while you’re talking, which is quite good. You can also see what they’re doing on their screens, which is excellent! Your system is much cheaper, it’s faster, more reliable and much better [than our previous solution].

Adrian Semmler

Director of IT, George Heriot's School

5 stars
I genuinely think that the kind [online safety] insight that classroom.cloud can provide to a school means it should be in every one!

Barry Lee Cummings

Co-founder of Beat The Cyberbully

5 stars
As a previous local authority Service Manager for 360 schools I have been a fan of the use of behaviour management and monitoring software since the earliest days; as an online safety specialist working in schools nationally for the last 11 years I know how vital these tools can be as an additional tool to safeguard children and young people. Recently I had the opportunity to take a deep-dive into classroom.cloud; tools such as this need to be easy to use and managed by non-technical people, equally they need to be able to fit the particular and diverse needs of individual schools. Overall, I was left very impressed, particularly in relation to the granularity of management options which can be tailored to fit individual school requirements and its ease of use. If tailored to fit the individual needs of the school and used correctly, classroom.cloud will be a significant benefit to safeguarding students.

Alan Mackenzie

e-Safety Advisor

classroom.cloud is precisely the classroom management solution we were looking for – it is ideal for both the assisting and monitoring of students.

The Mayan School

Frankly, your software/interface is so incredibly well thought out & simple, the setup and deployment was not hard at all!

Peter Wilson

Network Manager, Pool Academy

classroom.cloud has made it possible to focus on the academics rather than the technology while learning virtually!

Jason Houston

Director of Technology, Life Source International Charter School

We absolutely love classroom.cloud. Given that we use Teams extensively in school and the students have 1:1 devices, it just fits our needs perfectly for classroom monitoring and really enhancing teaching and learning. The lock screen is a fantastic feature because it helps the students to focus… I also like the web features where you can monitor and assess which websites you want the students to use. I love the share screen feature… we have our display screens which work really well, but to simultaneously be able to share your screen to the students’ devices, I think, really promotes accessibility.

Orla Weaver

Assistant Head, The Grammar School at Leeds

5 stars
We chose classroom.cloud because we needed a platform which helped our teachers easily monitor pupils’ activities and progress – allowing us to keep them on track with their learning. It also works both inside and outside the classroom, which is really reassuring given the times.

Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

Being able to see what my students are seeing helps bridge the huge gap created by pandemic teaching. It has become an indispensable tool for navigation, troubleshooting, and of course, keeping kids on task.
Erica Smith

Sixth-grade Teacher, California’s Ready Springs School

Teacher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff commenting on how intuitive and easy it is to use. Through a combination of its assessment, tracking, classroom management and continuity features, the platform frees up valuable time for teachers to do what they do best: teach.

Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

classroom.cloud as a platform is very easy to install and use, and does not require an overly complex hardware specification. The solution has helped our teachers to monitor students, keep them focused and to maximize the way in which technology is being used in school.

Unidad Educativa Santa Maria Eufrasia

classroom.cloud allows students who might be more self-conscious about speaking in front of their peers to ask for help privately. Not only does this reduce feelings of anxiety, but it also empowers them to receive the support they need and meet their goals.

Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

I think it’s fantastic. It does a lot more than I thought it would do. If you want control, really good control, as well as monitoring, this is the solution for you.

Ian Green

Chief Information Officer, The Sovereign Trust

So classroom.cloud has helped in two ways. It’s helped us to have a greater control of what learners are doing with their Chromebooks and certainly helped to improve behaviour for learning. But arguably, more importantly, it’s helped in terms of the pedagogy and how we use technology within the classroom to improve pedagogy as well, where teachers are able to demonstrate really effectively different aspects of their subject using technology, but certainly using classroom.cloud as a vehicle to make demonstrations clearer, more beneficial for learners and certainly to help improve outcomes of learners as well.

Anthony Ager

Assistant Headteacher, Abersychan School

Certified pedagogical quality  

Pedagogical approach
Learning engagement
Learning goals

“classroom.cloud represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently.”

Education Alliance Finland

classroom.cloud has been extensively evaluated by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), which conducts product impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. EAF’s report concluded that:

  • In classroom.cloud, teachers have a wide range of tools to manage the classroom actions and are able to produce versatile tasks and contents to support remote lessons.
  •  Using classroom.cloud lets the teacher focus on teaching as they can be confident of what their students are doing with their devices.
  • classroom.cloud gives good tools for teacher-student communication and lowers the threshold of asking for help (also in distance learning).

Teaching and learning strategies

classroom.cloud supports a range of teaching and learning strategies, including direct instruction, metacognition, self-regulation, feedback, and formative assessment – to name just a few!


classroom.cloud reinforces learners’ metacognitive regulation with its supportive features, including help request and sharing of learning objectives or a list of approved sites for the lesson. It also helps learners to make informed choices, speeds up time in finding appropriate resources, and avoids distractions that increase cognitive load. It also supports learners practising and selecting appropriate metacognitive approaches by shepherding them to make useful choices about their technology approaches to tasks, such as through web, app and Teams chat monitoring.

Direct instruction

classroom.cloud’s sharing and monitoring features mean you can easily guide learners through worked examples and gradually increase their independence as their confidence (and correctness) increase. Plus, it enables easy formal, informal and formative assessment throughout the learning process.


classroom.cloud’s app and web monitoring support self-regulated learning activities in the classroom by keeping learners only on the sites and tools they need to complete their tasks. Meanwhile, its screen blocking automatically diverts learners’ attention where it’s needed – most often on the teacher at the front of the class – without waiting and without fuss.

Feedback and formative assessment

Teachers can easily see where learners are struggling. They can quickly intervene and address misconceptions as they’re happening by seeing every learner’s screen and what tools and sites they’re using. It also facilitates ‘in the moment feedback’ on their progress via low-stakes polling, quizzing, and reward badges. Plus, using whiteboards is part of a normal classroom routine; using digital tools as their whiteboards, classroom.cloud is perfect to support this formative assessment activity whilst viewing student screens.

Evidence FAQs

How does this tool allow our students to learn?

classroom.cloud facilitates learning in both a school classroom and with remote learners, ensuring students can continue learning in any environment – helping to minimize their attainment gap. Instructors can share their screen/audio helping to better explain lesson activities, monitor students’ screens to ensure they are on task, collaborate and engage with student using chat, help request and survey tools.

What research is available to show this will improve student learning?

classroom.cloud has been extensively evaluated by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), which conducts product impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. EAF reported that “classroom.cloud represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently” and awarded it the following ratings:

How will it help increase student engagement?

Students engage in lessons in multiple ways, and individualized instruction/tools allow for better overall engagement. classroom.cloud provides students with several different options for engagement:

  • Survey – Rather than the tradition model of asking and raising hands, teachers can gamify assessment/gauging student understanding by using survey. Using the random mode helps ensure students are picked fairly – and keep them on their toes!

  • Help request – For students who are more introverted, the help request feature allows them to directly ask for assistance without the pressure of other students knowing they need help. This opens the door for them to engage with the teacher in a manner that makes them comfortable.
  • Chat and messaging – Teachers can facilitate 1:1 chats with students and send messages to selected students, creating new ways of staying connected and boosting communicating with the class. Students at home can still participate, increasing their overall feeling of engagement in learning.
  • Lock screens – Behaviour management is important in every classroom however it can be challenging when students are ‘in the zone’ whilst using technology. Locking students’ screens is great for keeping students on task and keeping the focus on the teacher when explaining tasks.

How will this be differentiated and allow for personalized learning?

All of classroom.cloud’s interaction tools (chat, messaging, surveys, launching of web/apps and allowed website lists) can be applied to the class or adapted for individual students, allowing the teachers to personalise each student activities/learning.

The EAF reported “classroom.cloud can be used to set equal learning paths for all users or the teacher can provide differentiated instructions and contents for different students”.

How does classroom.cloud foster dialogue and empowerment among our students?

The platform provides a safe digital environment for the students to study and the teachers to work with. The teachers can deal with misbehaving students (lock screen, block web and apps, and communicate with the student).

The platform allows the student to work independently, yet ask for help from the teacher online. The teacher can provide a wide range of pre-curated materials and tools for the students to work with, enabling the students to create their own goals and paths for learning.

What resources and training are available to help you ensure your platform works? Is it easy to use (intuitive) or will it take time to train?

At NetSupport, we create tools that are designed for ease of use and implementation, but like all digital resources, there is a learning curve. We provide live/on-demand virtual webinars to support implementing our solutions. In addition, teachers will find FAQs and guides on their classroom.cloud dashboard to assist them with common questions, plus we have live chat options via the website.

Will this classroom solution evolve with our needs?

classroom.cloud is co-produced with teachers to ensure its tools meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Being cloud-based, it ensures schools are fully future-proofed for any learning environment (in school, remote or a mix of both); there are online safety tools built on the latest technology to protect students; and school IT technicians have a handy toolkit to maintain the devices across the campus.

It’s constantly being updated with new features for teaching, learning, online safety and for technicians – some of them have even been suggested by our customers!

The innovation behind classroom.cloud comes from NetSupport, which has been the market-leader in award-winning software for over 30 years.

Is it accessible to all learners regardless of their abilities?

The EAF reported that “The platform is visually appealing and simple. Surveys and chat are easy-to-use tools for group communication.” And “…The guidance tools the teacher has are especially great for special education – control of the screen, quick launch and other tools make it possible to help students, who might struggle in focusing or who need help in accessing suitable resources.”

What is required to implement this platform in the classroom and at scale?

classroom.cloud requires only a supported browser for teachers/admins and the following operating systems for students:

– Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE (with a minimum of 200Mb free disk space).
– ChromeOS 86+ (with a minimum of 5Mb free disk space).
– Android 9+
– iOS 11+
– macOS 10.15 (Catalina)+

What class creation methods are there?

Class data can be read from Google Classroom, Microsoft School Data Sync and Microsoft Teams.  It is also possible to create classes based on groups of devices, lists of individual devices and students, or have students join the class manually via our “Class Code” feature.

Where have you seen this platform used so that it produces effective results?

The Education Alliance Finland extensively evaluated classroom.cloud and concluded that it “represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently” and it was certified as a high pedagogy solution. To read the full ‘evidence of impact’ report, click here.

Many districts across the US have found classroom.cloud effective and beneficial, including: Plummer Worley Joint USD (ID), Penn Valley Union (CA), Walla Walla PS (WA), and Central Susquehanna IU (PA) to name just a few.

We also have received testimonials from customers here: 

What standards for safety and security does this solution adhere to?

Privacy and security is of course key, and with classroom.cloud you can specify Privacy Settings to ensure the student devices can only be connected to during approved school hours and during term time. You can even add the school network and Wi-Fi details to prevent any unauthorized connections.

Using ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ website/application lists also ensures students can only access relevant websites and are shielded from unsuitable content. The online safety toolkit is also available to support a safe learning environment. 

What student data is collected? Is personally identifiable information collected?

Please review our privacy policy for full details.

What other platforms does your solution integrate with?

Staff accounts can be linked to:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • ClassLink
  • Clever (US customers only)

Class data can be read in from Google Classroom, Microsoft School Data Sync and Microsoft Teams.  Safeguarding phrase matches and concerns can be sent to CPOMS and My Concern.

Explain your customer support process if we have a problem with your product.

Customers are able to reach out through a variety of channels including their account manager in the first instance:

Once a ticket has been created, support investigates the issue through different means (Phone call, online chat, email, remote desktop support) to identify and fix the issue.

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