Student data protection and privacy with

In an increasingly digital world, control over data privacy has never been more important – and that’s most certainly the case in schools, for how we support children, young people ad their families.

At, we respect students’ privacy and their data is only ever used as set out and controlled by the school. This means any partners we work with can only use the data as the school sets out, we work with services schools ask us to integrate with and we never share any data with 3rd parties. So with that in mind, we designed multiple privacy protections into, so schools can be sure that we’re doing all we can to keep students’ data as safe as possible.

Not only this, but also provides access controls for staff to ensure that they can be allocated the right level of access that is best suited to the responsibilities of their role. And, alongside the specific roles for teaching, online safety and technical staff, schools can also control the times, dates and locations that staff can connect to the students or how schools support their student in and out of the classroom.

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