Classroom Management, Online Safety and IT Management - with Chromebook support

Flexible learning

(In-school and remote)


Maximise EdTech



Easy to use



Why teachers love Chromebooks with…
platform icons provides a range of cloud-based teaching and classroom management tools (with optional online safety and IT management features) that help teachers instruct while keeping students focused and on task – no matter the learning environment!  Meanwhile, the online safety tools ensure students are protected at all times, and the IT management features helps schools to manage and maximise their edtech.


Within minutes, connect to students’ devices quickly and easily by a choice of options – with no stress, hassle, or time wasted.


  • Teachers can select a pre-made class.
  • Teachers can also connect to students on the fly using a Class Code.
  • also integrates directly with Student Management Systems (SMS/SIS) such as Google Classroom, ClassLink and Microsoft School Data Sync.


Track students’ understanding and progress in real time.


  • Send all or selected students surveys with gamified answer options.
  • Further engage students using ’random select’ modes when quizzing.
  • Assign rewards to students during the lesson.


Actively engage and keep the whole class on track with certified pedagogical quality!


  • Share your screen and audio to help instruct and explain lesson activities in a clear and engaging format.
  • Launch a website on students’ devices.
  • With the student toolbar, students can keep track of lesson details such as lesson objectives/learning outcomes, approved websites and more.


Communicate directly and discreetly with students to help to resolve queries quickly.


  • Interact using ‘chat’.
  • Support students with help requests – without their peers knowing.
  • Send an attention-grabbing message or instruction to each student’s device.

Monitor and Control

Ensure students stay focused and on task.


  • View students’ screens in real time with adjustable thumbnail sizes.
  • Use Watch Mode to zoom in on an individual student’s screen and discreetly view activity.
  • Lock students’ screens.
  • Mute/unmute audio on the active tab of the students’ browser.
  • Allow/restrict website usage.

Stay safe

Online safety toolkit to help keep your online learning environment safe and secure at all times.

  • Keyword and phrase monitoring.
  • Word-cloud of trending online safety topics.
  • Students can access a list of online safety resources independently.

Click here to view the complete online safety toolkit.

The best bits for the IT team…

…it’s low-cost; scalable to even the largest of Districts/Trusts; super easy to set up, manage and maintain; and simple for teachers to use – no matter their edtech experience.

Integrates with your Microsoft SDS, ClassLink, Clever (U.S only) and Google Classroom platforms. Plus manually add or import pre-existing classes

Centrally manage teacher and student devices and maximize them with the hardware and software inventory

Super secure with school devices can only be connected to during approved periods (times and term days) and on defined school networks

Supports multiple platforms and a full mix of devices helping to future-proof your school

Can be deployed in minutes

Avoid the constant battle with firewalls and connect to devices across multiple sites without the need for a server – providing huge cost savings has made virtual teaching much easier. I can see when a student is not on task and help them by accessing their assignments, because I can see their screens in real time! 

Jason Houston

Director of Technology, Life Source International Charter School


We chose because we needed a platform which helped our teachers easily monitor pupils’ activities and progress – allowing us to keep them on track with their learning. It also works both inside and outside the classroom, which is really reassuring given the times.


Ben Whitaker

Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

Simple, low-cost pricing

Blended learning is the future – and future-proofing your students’ education is what it’s all about!

That’s why we’ve made sure that our pricing means your school can come on board! With one fixed price per device, per year, and absolutely no hidden costs or sneaky extra charges, it’s a no-brainer!