Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What languages does support?

The Administrators’ web portal, teacher console and the associated student applications are available in the following languages: English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic, Turkish, and Hungarian.

How does work with students changing classes hourly throughout the day? offers several ‘class connection’ modes to cater for different scenarios. In environments where students move from room to room and bring devices with them (1:1) or use carts and have different devices every day, offers classes based on user accounts.

Teachers have class lists based on their classes throughout the day and each is populated with the list of students and their usernames. Upon launching the class, will connect with that set list of users – regardless of device – and pull them into the class for that period. Once the class is over, you end your class and launch your next one.

To automate this process, you can integrate with Google SSO/Classroom, Microsoft Data Sync, Classlink, or Clever (US only). This automatically builds your classes for you.

For more information, see the My Classes section of our Administrators User Guide.

How is licensed? uses an annual subscription licensing model and is based on the number of student devices you want to monitor, have installed the student component onto and have moved out of the unassigned devices group to make them available in classes.

How do I find my organization’s Account ID or Serial Number?

If you need to contact us about your product license or with a technical question, we will need your unique Account ID or Serial Number to help us quickly find your account details.

Account ID
To find your ID, you’ll need to be logged into as an Organization Admin. From the menu, click Organization followed by License. Your Account ID is listed there under your organization name. Simply click the Copy button and paste the information into an email or online Chat with us.

Serial number
We can also identify your account from your Serial Number. You can find this either on the License page or, if you are logged in with teacher permissions, you will see it at the bottom left corner of your portal page.


How do I stop a student device from being connected to when not at school?

Privacy and security is of course key, and with you can specify Privacy Settings to ensure the student devices can only be connected to during approved school hours and during term time. You can even add the school network and Wi-Fi details to prevent any unauthorized connections.

Can I manage different OS device types from the Teacher Console at the same time?

Yes, currently provides Student installers for Windows, Chromebooks and Android, Mac and iOS.

How can I be sure that is a high-quality solution? has been extensively evaluated by Education Alliance Finland (EAF), which conducts product impact evaluations based on global quality standards for learning solutions. EAF reported that “ represents high educational quality and is proven to promote learning efficiently” and awarded it the following ratings:

  • 94% in pedagogical approach
  • 90% in learning goals
  • 4.07 out of 5 in learning engagement.

To read the full report click here.

Can I remove the mascot?

Yes, if the mascot (affectionately known as Bob) who welcomes you to the dashboard and the teacher console isn’t your cup of tea, there is an option to remove him in General Settings – Customize.

Safeguarding FAQs

What is the Keyword Risk Index and how is the risk score calculated?’s contextual intelligence-based Risk Index automatically flags high-risk events and vulnerable students, based on sophisticated contextual AI risk analysis. It assesses the context and history of a child’s activities – from the devices used, time of day, websites visited, and apps used (including previous alerts they may have triggered) and the priority assigned to the triggered keyword – and, from this information, creates a numerical risk index.

A high risk index number could result if a child has repeatedly researched a safeguarding topic (e.g. suicide) out of class time. A lower index rating could result from a student searching a lower risk keyword in a local application during school hours that may have been used for curriculum topics.

When a keyword/phrase is triggered, does provide any additional supporting information to help the review process?

Keywords and phrases have individual severity/priority levels set (the defaults can be changed by the school) that control the actions that take place when a keyword is triggered.

This ranges from a simple logging of the event (e.g. displaying the triggered keyword in the portal’s word cloud), through to capturing a screenshot or a video recording of the user’s activity when triggered, so you know the full background to the event.

Custom alerts can also be created, based on keyword category, priority and the school site where the trigger occurred, that ensure notifications are directed to the correct member of staff.

PriorityAction taken
LowRecord the triggered keyword in the portal.
MediumRecord the keyword and raise a separate alert in the portal for the designated member of staff.
HighRecord keyword, capture a screenshot, raise alert and send an email to the designated member of staff.
UrgentRecord keyword, capture a screenshot and video, raise alert and send an email to the designated member of staff.

How long does retain my school’s eSafety/safeguarding data?

As long as your subscription remains active, any data captured by the eSafety/safeguarding component will be retained for a period of 13 months before deletion.

Should you cancel your subscription (or at the end of an evaluation period), our standard Terms of Service will apply. All account data will be deleted after 30 days.

If your account is terminated by NetSupport, then all data will be removed immediately.

If there are any changes to these terms, you will be notified by email.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements to run the Teacher Console? is a web-based solution and only requires a supported browser. Supported browsers for the teacher console include:

– Google Chrome 86+
– Microsoft Edge 88+ (Chromium based)
– Opera 77+

What are the system requirements to run the Admin Portal? is a web-based solution and only requires a supported browser. Supported browsers for the Admin Portal include:

– Safari (iOS, iPadOS, macOS)
– Google Chrome 86+
– Microsoft Edge 88+ (Chromium based)
– Mozilla Firefox 77+
– Opera 77+

What are the system requirements for Student devices?

In order to monitor and manage student devices, requires an agent to be installed on each student devices. The following operating systems are supported:

– Windows 10 and Windows 11 and Windows 11 SE (with a minimum of 200Mb free disk space).
– ChromeOS 86+ (with a minimum of 5Mb free disk space).
– Android 9 or above.
– iPad OS14 or above.
– Mac OSX (Desktop Macs) – 10.15 (Catalina) +

Evidence FAQs

View the questions and answers every school should ask before they buy a solution.

Set-up FAQs

How many devices can we trial on?

When you create a account, it will be initially licensed as a ‘trial’. This allows you to use it with up to 50 portal users and up to 30 enrolled Student devices. The trial period lasts for 30 days.

What integration options are available in

When it comes to technology management, directly integrates with Google Classroom, ClassLink, Microsoft School Data Sync and Clever (U.S. customers only). For more information about Clever’s Single-Sign-On and Clever Secure Sync, please contact your account manager.

Can I restrict access to my managed Chromebooks to just my domain user accounts?

Yes, in the Google Admin console, under Chrome Management, Device Settings, Sign-in settings for your OU or domain set the Sign-in restriction option to Restrict sign-in to a list of users.

If I have NetSupport DNA, NetSupport Manager or NetSupport School installed can I still install can be installed and coexist on the same device as NetSupport DNA, NetSupport Manager or NetSupport School. We do not recommend that you use NetSupport School and at the same time but you can have them both installed.

Where can I find the student installers?

You will find all student installers, required links to apps stores and deployment guides within your portal under Installers for each site when you sign in as an Organisation or Site admin.

How do I install the Student onto a Windows device using Microsoft Intune?

Our supporting document, Deploying the Student application using Microsoft Intune, provides a simple step-by-step guide to performing a mass deployment to Windows PCs using Intune.

How do I install the Student onto a Chromebook using the Google Management Console?

Our supporting document, Using the Google Admin Console to manage the Student extension for Chrome, will guide you through the steps needed to deploy the Chrome Student Extension.

How do I deploy the Android Student onto managed devices?

Our supporting document, Deploying the android student, will guide you through the steps needed to install the Android Student on managed devices.

Do I need to configure a specific network port to establish connections between the teacher and student devices?

There is no requirement to manually configure the network port used to establish connections between teacher and student devices.

classroom cloud students automatically make outbound connections to our servers on port 443. There should be no requirement to configure any inbound ports at the student side. Once the student machines have established a connection with the servers, they are then available for the Teacher Console to connect.

Similarly, when launched, the Teacher Console will also make outbound connections to the students on port 443. Again, there would be no requirement at the Teacher Console to configure any inbound ports. - it's as easy as ABC...

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