Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How is licensed? uses an annual subscription licensing model and is based on the number of student devices you want to monitor, have installed the student component onto and have moved out of the unassigned devices group to make them available in classes.
How do I find my organization’s Account ID or Serial Number?

If you need to contact us about your product license or with a technical question, we will need your unique Account ID or Serial Number to help us quickly find your account details.

Account ID
To find your ID, you’ll need to be logged into as an Organization Admin. From the menu, click Organization followed by License. Your Account ID is listed there under your organization name. Simply click the Copy button and paste the information into an email or online Chat with us.

Serial number
We can also identify your account from your Serial Number. You can find this either on the License page or, if you are logged in with teacher permissions, you will see it at the bottom left corner of your portal page.


Can I manage different OS device types from the Teacher Console at the same time?

Yes, currently provides Student installers for Windows and Chromebooks (Mac, Android, and iOS are coming soon!).

How do I stop a student device from being connected to when not at school?
Privacy and security is of course key, and with you can specify Privacy Settings to ensure the student devices can only be connected to during approved school hours and during term time. You can even add the school network and Wi-Fi details to prevent any unauthorized connections.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements to run the Teacher Console? is a web-based solution and only requires a supported browser. Supported browsers for the teacher console include:

– Google Chrome 76+
– Microsoft Edge 80+ (Chromium based)
– Opera 76+

What are the system requirements to run the Admin Portal? is a web-based solution and only requires a supported browser. Supported browsers for the Admin Portal include:

– Safari (iOS, iPadOS, macOS)
– Google Chrome 76+
– Microsoft Edge 80+ (Chromium based)
– Mozilla Firefox 77+
– Opera 70+

What are the system requirements for Student devices?
In order to monitor and manage student devices, requires an agent to be installed each student devices. The following operating systems are supported:

– Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (with a minimum of 200Mb free disk space).
– ChromeOS 76+ (with a minimum of 5Mb free disk space).

Set up FAQs

Can I restrict access to my managed Chromebooks to just my domain user accounts?

Yes, in the Google Admin console, under Chrome Management, Device Settings, Sign-in settings for your OU or domain set the Sign-in restriction option to Restrict sign-in to a list of users.

If I have NetSupport DNA, NetSupport Manager or NetSupport School installed can I still install can be installed and coexist on the same device as NetSupport DNA, NetSupport Manager or NetSupport School. We do not recommend that you use NetSupport School and at the same time but you can have them both installed.

Where can I find the student installers?

You will find all student installers, required links to apps stores and deployment guides within your portal under Installers for each site when you sign in as an Organisation or Site admin.

How do I install the Student onto a Windows device using Microsoft Intune?
Our supporting document, Deploying the Student application using Microsoft Intune, provides a simple step-by-step guide to performing a mass deployment to Windows PCs using Intune.
How do I install the Student onto a Chromebook using the Google Management Console?

Our supporting document, Using the Google Admin Console to manage the Student extension for Chrome, will guide you through the steps needed to deploy the Chrome Student Extension.

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